Monday, March 21, 2011

a day

okay... for not pollute people's tweeter, i blog it here... :)

one day, my friend ask me go to club,
say that a hk dj come over and friend's friend got reserve a table.
so, friend ask me to join...
it's not a problem to join,
so i ask for the charges and who is going..
and friend told me there are 8guys and 3girls..
they not enough girls~

so i tell my friend that i will going with my bf as if i go,
but friend say don't..
say that not yet marry no nd like that..just want me go myself..
and this and that showing that i only can go myself if i wanna go..

at last, i reject..
but what my friend reply is next time no need ask me go anymore...
i just say: oh okay~

okay.. the conclusion i wanna say is..
why i cant go with my bf to join your friends?
i thought my friend invite me is because want me to enjoy together?
no? or my friend just wanna ask me go and let friend's friend "chao sui"..
i really don't understand and it make me so sad that my friend saying that to me...